NARD13. 150 cities, 50 countries, thousands of people who joined together to be a voice for the animals on their special day — The National Animal Rights Day.
We are proud to present the NARD Global Video from that day!
Thank you to all the organizers, activists, speakers, performers, and members of the public who opened their hearts and stood with us that day to commemorate the billions of animals who are killed on this planet by human hands and to celebrate a better future which we are bringing forth slowly, but surely. Thanks to you, this future is possible! 🙏❤
Special thank you to:
– Vegan Queen V for the beautiful song “Dominion” 💚
– Garret Alvord for the amazing video editing 💚
– All the NARD videographers & photographers for the wonderful footage! 💚
See you all next year, at NARD14! 🙏
Until every cage is empty, and all animals are free! ✊

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